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We are committed to ensuring that the service you get from us is what you need, value for money and delivered on time. Also, we think that you need to meet us before you commit to one of the key, if not the key relationship, in the birth and development of your building project.

This is why we offer a free on site consultation in response to all new enquiries we receive, usually with a senior member of the practice. We use this as an opportunity to understand the scope of what you have in mind and, in many straightforward cases, carry out an on the spot feasibility study, giving you initial indications of the likely key regulatory and construction questions which would be in play as well as an approximate indication of construction cost.

Following on from the initial consultation, we will send you a written fee proposal explaining what we expect to do for you and a what cost. If you decide to ask us to go ahead and work with you on your project we will tell you who your contact will be here and they will arrange any survey work and to discuss your requirements in more detail with you prior to starting design work.

We work to the RIBA Plan of Work adapted to suit the scale of the project. This approach divides design services into a series of separate stages as the design is evolved from the initial idea through to construction. Clients generally appoint us on a stage by stage basis and our terms and conditions also allow for the termination of a project in the course of work on a stage if this becomes necessary for any reason.
Fees are competitive and attractive to clients who value the expertise and service we offer. Find out more about the range of services we can provide.
If you would like an initial consultation we suggest that you telephone in the first instance as we will often be able to arrange an appointment there and then
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